Sophie’s Superb Button Fundraiser (Blood:Water)

Hi all! Sophie is hoping to raise £60 for clean water through You can learn more about the organization here, but the core idea is to identify and come alongside African heroes who are in a position to address the water and HIV/AIDS crisis and then support their work.

To raise these funds, Sophie has made buttons!!! They are fantastic and versatile little treasures at about 1 inch across.

Here is how this works:

  1. Look at the pictures below and select which buttons you would like. You should be able to zoom in for a better look.
  2. Send me a message with your selections (for example, 3.E.2 would be set 3, button E2 which is a green smiley face) so that we can confirm they are still available. You can email me ( or send me a message if we are connected on FB. I will try to keep up with listing which buttons are already taken.
  3. Make a donation directly to blood:water on Sophie’s fundraising page by clicking here.
  4. We’ll get confirmation when your donation goes through and get the buttons to you. If you’re local here in Cambridge I’ll come to you, otherwise they are thin enough to fit in an envelope and we’ll drop them in the mail.

Price: we don’t have a particular price set because this being done on a donation basis. We think $1 CAD (60 British pence; 0.75 USD) is probably a good baseline per button. Of course you are free to donate as much as you’d like but the maximum amount of buttons we can ship to any one place is 15.

Thanks for helping change lives!