We believe that God accomplishes His mission on earth through His church. This means that we are not striking out on our own but that we are going as an extension of the body of Christ. God has graciously invited us all to be part of His mission in His world and we are inviting you to consider if God would have you be part of sending and supporting us as we go.

Our focus is especially on helping the church to hear the voice of God well by reading and receiving His Word better. Even though there are far more believers outside of the West than in it, most of our resources are still centred here in the West. So many of our brothers and sisters in Christ are longing to hear the voice of God in His Word but simply do not have the kind of opportunities that we have (easy access to Scripture, well-prepared pastors, books, podcasts, conferences…) and so often take for granted.

If this is something that excites you then let’s do this together!

Our family can only do this in partnership with a community who will send and support us. Here you will find a link to our SIM page that walks you through how you can join us financially. We have one-time expenses that you can help with as well as ongoing monthly costs that keep us in full-time service overseas.

If you would like to receive regular family and ministry updates from us so that you can pray with and for us, subscribe to our mailchimp list. If God is leading you to pray in a specific way for us, for one of our kids, or for the ministry we are a part of, we would love to hear about it. Please contact us at or

Let’s do this together!!